EMF shielding garments

- The tailor shop -

We develop and manufacture shielding clothing that protect from high frequency electromagnetic radiation - HF EMR (microwaves for wireless and mobile communications & co).


...first of all to increase the quality of living for people with electrosensitivity (EHS).


... as a preventive protection for people who want to stay healthy despite the increasing frequencies and distribution of mobile phone networks and other wireless communication techniques.

Our Products for everyday life

Sorry, that our English website is not complete yet. We are working hard on it.


For those details, we could not give here yet, we send you to our German website, Atelier für Abschirmkleidung, if you push the buttons or clic on the pictures. Many of the pages there have got English translations included.


Please, contact us if you want to know more about our products and write us an e-mail or telephone.


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