Care Instructions


  • delicate laundry at 30° at most 40°C;
  • if washed by hand, move the garment very gently, don't wring! It's safer to spin in the washing machine.
  • Detergent: Don't use any conventional detergents. They usually damage the very thin metallic threads or the metallic coating. This may lead to a loss of the shielding effect.
  • We recommend the special detergent from Y-Shield® - liquid or powdered (see right column.)
  • Never tumble-dry
  • Never bleach
  • Never dry clean
  • hardly ever iron, if even then only at the lowest, at most at medium temperature (at 2 out of 3).

Stain removal:

The silver coating of the Shieldex® Silverjersey Modal tolerates

  • citric acid
  • washing soda
  • salt solution

These chemicals are used for cleaning silver jewelery and silverware, they reduce the black argentite back to pure silver.


Nevertheless, copper does usually not tolerate these chemicals. But since the copper fibres in our apparel fabrics (SARTEX®  and SwissShield®) are coated with a synthetics, they can be carefully treated with these chemicals, as long as the fibres are not damaged at the relevant spots.



Except the Steel-Gray, all our shielding fabrics are dyeable with cold dyes (up to 40°C) for cellulose fibres, like cotton and viscose. Hand dyeing in bowl or bucket is possible as well as in the washing machine. Watch the qualities of the dyes you want to use. Make sure they are colourfast and lightfast.

Detergents for our shielding fabrics.

Special detergent for shielding fabrics containing metal fibres. Especially developed by YShield®, because they couldn't find any on the market, that did not attack the containing metal.

liquid detergent


1l bottle: € 15

Washing powder

(also available in smaller amounts)


1 kg bag: € 15


500 g bag: € 8


250 g bag: € 4,50


100 g bag: € 2