Shielding Hat Lining

This lining is suitable for any hat or cap you alread have. You simply wear it underneath. Has got the same shape like a baseball cap, without the visor and cover fabric.


For baseball caps we have special slits to fit behind the sweat band and the gap in the back. The lining is overlapping the gap and the strap in the back. The smal wing protects the brain a little better than the ordinary shape of a baseball cap. It also helps keeping position under the strap. It could be folded in, if you wish. 

The lining is in a double layer of SwissShield® NATURELL gearbeitet.


shielding efficiency: 53 dB bei 1 GHz


plain (ecru):   € 65 (dyed: € 75)

without slits for BBC:      € 60 (dyed: € 70)

Please, tell us your head circumference when ordering.