Shielding Veil

This shielding veil protects the brain as well as the the eyes from EMR, which can normally not be protected with ordinary headwear. Because the veil is closed all around, the radiation might come from any side but can not be caught inside the gear and play ping-pong by the reflection (which very often happens with hoods out of emf-shielding material)



Fits also on ordinary headwear and is very transparent. Well suitable for driving a car. 


material: T.R.A. 100: tin and copper mesh


shielding efficiency: 55 dB up to 2 GHz


not washable, the dust can be shaken out for cleaning,

single stain removal possible with well chosen detergents, which mustn't destroy neither tin nor copper


standard size: 55 cm long, circumference bottom: 100 cm


€ 69,-