Adamant 003

A fine wire net out of stainless steel.  The loosely woven net falls almost as smoothly like textile fabric. Extremely tansparent and well sewable.


We use it for the shielding veil, which can be used while driving a car, for it doesn't impair one's vision. 

- also suitable for curtains and canopies.

Don't fold, so it doesn't break. 

This wire net is not suitable for other clothes. It should not be bent, rubbed on or put under too much pressure or tension.


material: stainless steel


shielding efficiency: 50 dB at 1 GHz


Material not washable. Dust can be shaken out. Small stains can gently be rubbed out with well chosen detergents that don't damage the steel (see our special detergent for shielding fabrics that doesn't damage any metal).


Not available for fabric sale.