SARTEX® Popeline

Light cotton popeline fabric. Well suitable business clothing. Can be ironed smooth. The fabric is coated with a wrinkle resistant chemical. This makes the fabric potencially less tolerable for MCS-patients. 


97 % cotton,

3 % copper


shielding efficiency: 30 dB = 99,9 %)


The fabric can be dyed with cold dye for cellulose fibres, like cotton and viscose. Because of the wrinkle resistance coating the fabrics doesn't take the dye very well. It only dyes in ligter colours. 


Manufacturor's colours: white, beige, light blue, royal blue


yard goods: € 45,- per running meter (width: 1,50 m) 


(€ 30,- per square meter)


hand dyeing in other colours possible