Shieldex® Silverjersey Modal

One of the very few jerseys among the shielding fabrics. Very soft and cosy sensation on your skin. Silver-coated thread may have skin contact. Originally developed for neurodermitics, because of its antibacterial effect.

Not suitable for people who are hypersensitive to silver. 


Excellently suitable for underwear, but also for light overgarments, like tops, T-shirts, longsleeved shirts and Ponchos.


Doesn't need to be ironed.



83 % Viskose (Modal)

17 % silver plated polyamide yarn


Shielding efficiency: 20 dB bis 2 GHz = 99 %


colour from manufacturer: silvergray


Metre-length: € 65 per linear meter at a width of 1,50 m.


cuttings: € 44 per square meter (if in stock)



hand colourings per garment:

up to 90 g fabric weight: € 10 

more than 90 g: € 20,-