SwissShield® NATURELL

A very thin and delicate fabric with a structure similar to gaze. It is excellently suitable for curtains as well as for protective linings of headgear and regular garments. It is popular as neck scarf or head scarf and as a protective cover for beds on travel. Because of its low weight and volume even big cloths can well be put into the luggage without any storage problems. We don't recommend to make whole garments out of it, because the delicate fabric tears easily.



82 % cotton

17 % copper

1 % silver


Shielding efficiency: 38 dB at 1 GHz = 99,98 %, double-layer: 53 dB.


The fabric can be dyed with cold paints for cellulose fibres like cotton or viscose. We can dye the material for you by hand on request. Extra costs: € 10 to € 20,- per garment (up to 600 g). 


Colour from manufacturer: ecru (undyed)


metre-length: € 105,- per linear meter at a width of 2,50 m.

cuttings: € 46,- per square meter (if in stock).


hand colourings* per garment:

up to 90 g fabric weight: € 10,-

from 91 g fabric weight: € 20,-