SwissShield® WEAR

A cotton poplin, woven fabric, with a soft handling.


Wrincles a little while wearing and after having been washed. It has no crease protection, but this makes it better bearable for MCS-patients, who can't bear the crease protection chemical from the SARTEX® fabrics, a very similar fabric type.


Well suited for casual wear and woven night wear.



90 % cotton

9,5 % copper

0,5 % silver


shielding efficiency:

30 dB at 1 GHz = 99,9 %

double layer: 39 dB.


colour from manufacturer: white


metre-length: € 69,- per linear meter at a width of 1,50 m.


cuttings: € 50,- per square meter (if in stock).



hand colourings* per garment:

up to 90 g fabric weight: € 10,-

from 91 g fabric weight: € 20,-