YShield® Steel - Gray

A robust woven cotton fabric, coated with stainless steel. Very long lasting, the fabric as well as the shielding effect. Well suitable for bedding, also for head wear and clothes. One alternative for MCS-patients to the silver plated shielding products when the skin contact with silver can't be tolerated, or to the SARTEX® fabrics when the crease protective coating causes skin irritations.



40 % cotton

30 % polyester

30 % stainless steel


shielding efficiency: 35 dB at 1 GHz = 99,9 %; double: 50 dB


colour from manufacturer: steel gray (can not be dyed)


metre-length: € 40,- per linear meter at a width of 1,50 m.


cuttings: € 28,- per square meter (if in stock)



No dying possible.