Shielding Poncho

A light poncho to quikly protect the body when you are on the way. Can also be used instead of a light cardigan indoors or in cooler summer nights. Fits into your (not too smal) handbag and is quickly overthrown when the EMR gets higher. With a decorative scarf collar.

Made out of our the jersey fabric.



shielding efficiency: better than 20 dB from 0,5 to 5 GHz.


Available in two different lengths:



• sleeve lenght from base of neck: 67 cm

• front length from shoulder: about 106 cm. 


€ 155,- in silvergray

€ 175,- handdyed in our various colours (see fabric description)


The long-sleeved ponchos all come with an ornamental lace on one hem. For men we usually leave it without. This may save you € 10,-.



• about 10 cm shorter on the hem.

• for a more practical handling

• without ornamental lace


sleeve-length from base of neck: 57 cm

front length from shoulder: about 90 cm


€ 99,- in silvergray

€ 119,- handdyed (in one of our various colours see fabric description)