Shielding Long-Sleeved Undershirt

A long-sleeved shirt in men's, women's and children's silhouettes.


A well protective undergarment for the winter. Can also be used as overgarment. Can be chosen to come with V-neck or round neckline. 

Very soft and cosy feel on the skin.

Out of our shielding jersey fabric:

Shieldex® Silverjersey Modal 


front length: apr. 65 cm for women; 75 cm for men.


Shielding efficiency: better than 20 dB at 0,5 to 5 GHz = 99 %.

(for more details see shielding curve left)


Prices for adult's models:


silvergrey (undyed): € 155,-



handdyed long-sleeved shirts make nice overgarments:   

€ 175,- 


(possible colours see fabric description)


Prices for children's Shirts on request (depends on size). 


For a perfect fit, we ask for the following measurments:


men: necksize, chest, waist, hip 

women: bust, waist, hip


If you are not sure, how to take the measurements, have a look here: 

or ask a tailor to do it for you.



Please, NEVER take body measurements for us on your flat lying clothes.